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Univers City

When does the construction of Univers City end?

The construction of the Buildings 3 and 4 will be finished in 2024.

What is the price per meter/ square?

In Univers City the prices are affordable and favorable for everyone, starting from 580 euro/ m2 to 650 euro m/2.

How safe is Univers City?

Your safety is our priority. The residential complex is well-organized to provide a regular administration and 24/7 security system.

Is Univers City pet friendly?

Yes! Univers City is the complex that offers the perfect conditions for pets. The green spaces, parks and indoor road system create the ideal place for morning and afternoon walks, safe for everyone, including our four-legged friends.

Are there duplex units in UC?

We do not currently have duplex units, but depending on customer requirements, organization may be possible.

Can I rent a house or premises in Univers City?

The first buildings under construction are going to have premises for service units, which will be leased.

How close are the public school and kindergarten inside the area of UC?

Inside Univers City you will find a public school and kindergarten, very close to your homes.

How many parking levels and spaces are in Univers City?

Building 3 and 4 of the complex contain a parking level on the -1 floor. In total, there are 109 parking spaces in Univers City.

Do I benefit a soft loan if I want to buy a house in Univers City?

Univers City has entered into agreements with second tier banks. Through them, everyone who wants to buy a house in Univers City will be able to benefit preferential interest rates.

I don’t own a vehicle. Do I have other options on how I can get to Tirana from Univers City?

We thought of everyone. Univers City has a public transport line that connects it directly with the center of Tirana and with the shopping center QTU.

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