Univers City

Street parking is a thing of the past!


Eliminating urban chaos with on-street parking translates into a higher quality of life. This is the new standard that Univers City is bringing. Designed with family and community socialization in mind, nothing has been left to chance at Univers City, creating dedicated spaces for both pedestrian and vehicular movement. For the first time in a residential complex accommodating about 16 thousand residents, parking spaces on the street will be dedicated to pedestrians.


Now owning a parking space is no longer a luxury but a necessity of the time, offering vehicle safety, convenience, time saved, and a smart investment. With the constant increase in demand for parking spaces, owning one or more would bring less stress for the vehicle owner and financial benefits from saving monthly rent or leasing. In recent years, in addition to the increase in prices for apartments, the value of parking spaces has also increased. In the suburban area of Tirana, parking rents reach up to €60 per month.


In Univers City, in addition to the spaces dedicated to pedestrians, special attention has been dedicated to recreational and green spaces, the bicycle lane, and the running track.


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